Please enjoy these Scripturally-based messages from Pastor Kenny that you can apply to your life!

Dream Small - Pt. 4

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” In this final message of the Dream Small series, Pastor Kenny shows us the value of discipline and explains that faith in God is essential if we want to live as focused people. We are what we repeatedly do, and it’s best to have our habits centered on Christ!

Dream Small - Pt. 3

Pastor Kenny helps us to realize the power that words hold for relationship with God, others, and even ourselves. We can choose to use either life-taking words or life-giving words, words that hurt or words that heal. God wants our words to help us connect with others!

Dream Small - Pt. 2

Pastor Kenny shows us the importance of our thoughts and helps us to examine our own patterns of thinking. Then, he points us to Christ as the ultimate source for spiritual motivation.

Dream Small - Pt. 1

"It's often the small things no one sees that result in the big things that everyone wants." Using words from the prophet Zechariah, Pastor Kenny reminds us to be faithful in the small moments and casts vision for our church in the upcoming season.

Only A Holy God - Pt. 3

Using Jesus' encounter with the handicapped man at the Bethesda Pool, Pastor Kenny challenges us to think about the reasons why we resist Jesus. It is in our best interest to trust Him - our Savior longs to make us whole again and will always lead us down the right path!

Only A Holy God - Pt. 2

Using a story of Jesus’ miracle-working power from the Gospels, Pastor Kenny shows us the difference between insincere forms of faith and genuine faith in Christ. Our great God has given us many reasons to trust in Him, and real faith will allow His goodness to be seen in the whole of our lives.