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It's my experience when it comes to life, the kind of life you and I know about, we usually find ourselves in one of three situations. We are either riding the wave of success, just trying to keep our heads above water, or somewhere in between. It is easy when everything is OK, but most of us struggle from time to time. Deerfield Friends values people, because people matter to God. Don't believe the rumors that church is just for those perfect few who appears to have it all together, or for those who are really hurting. Deerfield Friends is for everyone no matter who you are, what you're going through, what you do, or what you've done. Regardless of your current life status or circumstance, Deerfield Friends is for you. In our lives, our ever-changing situations, Jesus Christ is the constant unchanging guiding light. He is always there for you. Deerfield Friends would like to be too.

I know God, the Bible, and religion in general can be confusing at times. That's why the messages are scripturally based and relevant to the world we experience every day. We focus on teaching the Bible; we want you to experience Jesus Christ instead of just learning about Him. We want to give you practically biblically correct principles to live by. The principles you can apply to your daily life - after all, the Bible is a timeless book.

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